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This is a tasty treat for a meal or a party. The kids can help make these up with you, either way it's a fast food for dipping or snacking. Serve for a party as finger food!


1 can of Crescent Rolls
1 package of Hot Dogs or Miniature Cocktail Franks
1 bag of blanched almond slivers

The point is to make these look like mummy fingers. Take the crescent rolls and lay the dough out flat. Cut strips and wrap them around the hot dogs or mini cocktail franks but leave about an inch at the end sticking out, this is the tip of the finger.

Place on a cookie sheet and bake according to the directions on the crescent roll package. When done, you can cut a small tip off the finger and place a slice of almond into the wiener to create a finger nail. Now you have your wrapped mummy fingers with a dried out looking nail.

Serve on a platter with dipping sauces, you can use red or green ketchup, or a mixture of both to make an icky looking sauce. ranch dressing is popular right now to dip anything into, so make sure that you have plenty of "putrid puss" on hand! Just add some green food color paste to it to give it an awful color! Food color paste works better then liquid food color because it doesn't water down sauces and adds no flavor. You can find it wherever cake decorating products are sold.

Halloween Recipes - halloweenrecipes101.com

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